Seminar of Industrial Heritage: Plantations in Indonesia

The plantation industry in Indonesia has played an essential role in the world economy since the colonial era until now. Tobacco, sugar and other commodities are essential sources of state income. In its golden age, Indonesia was the supplier of some of the largest plantation commodities in the world. Politics and several other variables later influenced the development of the plantation industry resulting in a decline in performance and ranking in the international arena.

In order to reflect on the golden age of the plantation industry in Indonesia, the Sumatra Heritage Agency in collaboration with the Indonesian Plantation Museum, the Indonesian Plantation Museum Foundation and the Pan Sumatra Network held a Pusaka Indonesia National Seminar on Plantations in Indonesia.

The Seminar is also proposed to celebrate and the following up on Indonesia’s participation in the establishment of the Asia Network for Industrial Heritage Conservation (ANIH) in 2018 in Taichung, Taiwan. ANIH is a network that focuses on industrial history in the Asia Pacific region. The First ANIH International Meeting was held in 2018 in Taiwan with the theme of the History of the Sugar Industry in Asia. The 2019 Second Meeting with the theme History of Railways in Asia was held again in Taiwan. The third meeting is in 2020 in Indonesia.