Sumatra Heritage Trust (SHT) Activities

Public Education and Advocacy



SHT and PansumNet Monthly Discussion

  • 24 March: SHT and PansumNet Monthly Discussion: “Faces of Sumatra, 96 Postcards 1900 – 1945”, Resource person: Scott Merrilles, Moderator: Sri Indira Shindi
  • 24 February: SHT and PansumNet Monthly Discussion: “Reading Limas, Palembang Traditional House”, Resource person: Ari Siswanto, Architecture Study Program of Sriwijaya University Palembang, Moderator: Dr. Ing Listen Prima
  • 27 January: SHT and PansumNet Monthly Discussion: “Retracing Chinese Heritage in Bangka Island,” Resource person: Suwito Wu, Heritage of Tionghoa Bangka (Hetika), Moderator: Eka Delanta
  • 16 January: Collaboration with North Sumatra University History Study Program and Architecture Study Program, an online Public Lecture “Heritage Conservation and Urban Conservation: Mindset and Management of Change”, Resource person: Ass. Prof. Johannes Widodo, Moderator: Isnen Fitri



SHT and PansumNet Monthly Discussion

  • 23 December: SHT and PansumNet Monthly Discussion, “Regional Language as a Source of Knowledge and Local Wisdom”, Speaker: Udo Z Karsi, Moderator: Christian Heru Cahyo Saputro, Spd.
  • 10 December: Collaboration with Indonesia Plantation Museum to hold a "Heritage Exploration" activity by visiting the Badan Kerja Sama Perusahan Perkebunan Sumatera (BKS PPS) building, which was being conserved, with North Sumatra University Architecture students.
  • 25 November: SHT and PansumNet Monthly Discussion: “Towards the Multi-dimensional Knitwork in Minangkabau”, Resource person: Dr. Al Busyra Fuadi, ST., M.Sc (PUSAKA, Bung Hatta University, Moderator: Indri Astuti Maulana ST., MT (SULUAH, an organisation, Bung Hatta University).
  • 28 October: SHT and PansumNet Monthly Discussion: “Ancient Mosques in Aceh and their Management Efforts,” Resource person: Laila Abdul Jalil, SS, MA.
  • 23 September: SHT and PansumNet Monthly Discussion: “The Existence of the Nias Heritage Museum in Maintaining the Heritage of Nias Island”, Resource person: Nataálui Duha, Executive Director of Nias Heritage Museum
  • 26 August: SHT and PansumNet monthly discussion: “Warenhuis, Our Shared Heritage”, Resource persons: Isnen Fitri, Shindi Indira, and Hedra Fachruddin, Moderator: Sylvia Agustina.
  • 22 August: Online discussion in collaboration with Medan City Civil Society Coalition: “The Role of Millennials in Merdeka Square,” Resource persons: M. Azizi and Rizky Nasution, Moderator: Eka Delanda
  • 28 July: SHT and PansumNet Monthly Discussion; Resource person: Dino Reza Pati, a composer from Riau Rhythm, Moderator: Isnen Fitri.
  • 19 May: Online discussion on conservation: “Adaptive Reuse of Cultural Heritage Areas (Prospects / Respect), Resource person: Jacob Gator Sura, CoFounder MBloc Space, Moderator Rika Susanto.
  • Series of conversations as SHT 22nd Anniversary events:
    • 29 April: Conversation 3: “SHT’s Nostalgia with Volunteers”
    • 29 April: Conversation 2: “Five in One or the Pancasila of Good Heritage Conservation and Management”; Resource persons: Johannes Widodo and Hasti Tarekat
    • 28 April: Conversation 1: “Nostalgia for the Conservation Movement in Indonesia”; Resource persons: Laretna Sita Adisakti, Hasti Tarekat, Francis Affandi, Harastoeti Soedibyo, Moderators: Isnen Fitri and Eka Dalanta



  • 10 December: Second Digging 4 Data Workshop; Speaker: Huib Akihary, in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Medan Area (UMA)
  • 11 November: Seminar on “The Heritage of the Plantation Industry” and Heritage Trail in collaboration with Indonesia Plantation Museum
  • 10 November: Heritage City Tour guided by Hairul and Inool
  • 17 May: SHT, represented by Isnen Fitri, with colleagues from the Coalition of Civil Society for the City of Medan attended an audience with the Governor of North Sumatra, Mr. Edi Rahmayadi, regarding ‘liberating’ Merdeka Square.



  • 8-10 November: Pansumnet Meeting, Muntok, Bangka
  • 8 October: DAAI TV interview and short film with SHT, represented by Hairul.



  • 27 – 29 December: First International Seminar and Heritage Trail of Medan City and Karo and Lingga Villages, in collaboration with the North Sumatra University, University of Malaysia (UM) and Universitas Pembangunan Panca Budi (UNPAB)
  • 28 -29 February: First Digging 4 Data Workshop; Speaker: Huib Akihary, in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering of UNPAB



  • 22 September: Workshop on “Design Strategy and Planning for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Medan”, at the State Museum of North Sumatra Province; Speaker: Dr. Johannes Widodo, National University of Singapore (NUS).
  • 13 June: Cultural Arts Festival during “Save Lapangan Merdeka” with Koalisi Masyarakat Sipil (Civil Society Coalition).



  • 14 November: Lecture as part of the University of North Sumatra’s Architecture Study Program with guest lecturer: Pauline Roosmalen
  • 5 November: Lecture as part of the University of North Sumatra’s Architecture Study Program with guest lecturer: Huib Akihary
  • 23 September: Workshop on “Buildings and Historical Areas in Medan”, at the Heritage Aston City Hall Hotel, Speaker: Prof. Yahaya Ahmad, University of Malaysia
  • 23 July: Workshop on “Evaluation of the Significance of Historical and Cultural Aspects for the Establishment of the Medan Heritage Register”, University of North Sumatra




14 February: Workshop on “The Development of the Important Values of Culture and Criteria in the Evaluation of the Cultural Heritage of Medan City”, University of North Sumatra



  • 28 June: Accepted an invitation to the office at Uniland Plaza of the Consul General of the United States, Stanley Harsha, who asked why the historic buildings of the former Andalas Daily and Garuda on Jl. Ahmad Yani had been demolished.
  • 12 June: Discussion at Amaliun Foodcourt, with Mr. Totok Suryono, Head of Regional Division 1 North Sumatra and Aceh, as a guest speaker. The topic was the demolition of former DSM historic building, an asset of PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) on Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan. The ownership had been transferred to another party. There was also information that there would be further transfers of other assets of PT. KAI located on Jl. Serdang.
  • 11 June: Monthly meeting - Mr. Ir. Tavip Kurniadi Mustafa shared his experiences of his visit to Beijing and Shanghai, China.
  • 29 May: SHT unified forces to save Medan’s history in Rahmat Gallery Museum. The event was attended by 75 people from various organizations, universities, media and individuals.
  • 25 May: Rika Susanto, Secretary to the SHT Board of Directors and Eka, SHT Program Coordinator, visited the office of Lembaga Bantuan Hukum (Legal Aid Institution) at Jl. Air Bersih No. 28 Medan, to report on the demolition of Andalas Daily’s former office building and the former Garuda Building located on Jl. Ahmad Yani. Both buildings were protected under Local Regulations (Perda – Peraturan Daerah) No. 6 of 1988.
  • 29 April: On the SHT 12th anniversary, a public dialogue was held with the ten mayoral candidates and their running mates, regarding their views on cultural heritage preservation, especially the historical buildings in the city of Medan.
  • 17 April: Organized a limited city tour with the Deputy US Ambassador,  Mr. Ted Osius, and the Consul General of the American Consulate in Medan, Mr. Stanley Harsha.
  • 10 March: 09.00 - 14.00, Seminar on “Participatory Planning in Urban Planning”, in collaboration with the American consulate in Medan and St. Thomas Catholic University, with the speaker, John Taylor, an urban expert from Harvard University. Held in the Rectorate Building, Meeting Room on 3rd Floor, St. Thomas Catholic University, Medan
  • 9 March: In cooperation with the American Consul in Medan, and St. Thomas Catholic University Medan, a meeting with John Taylor, an urban expert from Harvard University, 09.00 - 11.00, at the SHT Secretariat; also a tour of Medan City with participants: Stanley Harsha, the American Consul in Medan; John Taylor, Harvard University Urban Expert; students and lecturers of the Department of Architecture, St. Thomas Catholic University, Medan; with Mr. Nicolaus Simamora, Chairman of the SHT Board of Directors; Mrs. Rika Susanto,  SHT Secretary; Mr. Hairul, SHT Public Relations Officer; and Dr. Asmyta Surbakti, SHT Vice Chair II acting as the tour guides.
  • 27 February: In collaboration with Kompas Daily, a one-day training on article writing on the theme of the City of Medan, at Kompas Daily, Medan.
  • 19 February: Discussion forum introduced by Dr. Sofyan Tan on “Multiculturalism: Understanding the Diversity of Medan City.” Speaker: Mrs. Asmyta Surbakti, M.Si, Cultural Tourism at City Hall, City Hall No. 1, Medan.
  • 23 January: In collaboration with Grand Aston City Hall Hotel, “Photo Hunting of Medan City Hall!”, with participants  from the Medan photography community.



  • 23 November: With Indonesian Architects’ Association, and PUSSIS-Medan State University convened a hearing to convey their aspirations and requests for support for the revision of Local Regulation No. 6 of 1988, concerning the preservation of vicinities (neighborhoods) with archaeological architecture of historical value and greening in the Medan Municipality.
  • 22 November: 10.00-11.30, Free screening and Kongkow (chat) with the Friends of Medan, of the film “Medan Tempoe Doeloe (Medan in the Past) - In the Present Timeframe” (Adbox Creative Music), performance by Ethnomusicology Students of the University of North Sumatra, Garuda Plaza Hotel Lobby.
  • 12-15 November: With Sahabatan Kota Medan (Friends of Medan) held an exhibition on Merdeka Square during the 50th anniversary of the Indonesian Architects’ Association.
  • 10 November: ”Sahabatan Kota Medan Thanksgiving”, at the house of Mr. Rudop, JL. Sei Siput. This activity was covered by Kompas Daily and Global Daily.
  • 8 November: People of Medan marched in the street to express concerns about the demolition of twin villas in Jl. Diponegoro: “Heritage Walk” from 8.00 - 11.00. Starting point: Bank Mandiri – Railway Station – Post Office – City Hall – Benteng Square - Jl. Diponegoro. This activity was followed by a Photo Hunt, the results being exhibited in Sumut Gempar! (North Sumatra Uproar!)
  • 3 November: cultural heritage and history dialogue “Save or Cultural Heritage” at Local House of Representatives (Dewan Perwakilan Daerah/DPD) office in Setia Budi Indah Housing Complex, Medan. This activity was covered in Kompas Daily and Global Daily.
  • 1 November: With Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia (IAI/Indonesian Architects’ Association), Pusat Studi Sejarah dan Ilmu Sosial (PUSSIS - Center for History and Social Studies) and the people of Medan a street festival, ”Heritage for the City” was held. This activity was covered in Kompas Daily.
  • 12 August: DAAI TV reported on the SHT office and interviewed the SHT Public Relations Officer, Hairul, covering the history of Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum Tirtanadi (PDAM Tirtanadi – Water Board) of Medan City, for ”Mata Hati”, a programme broadcast daily from 00 – 15.30
  • 8 August: Monthly Symposium, Speaker: R. Qamar (a movie director from Medan) in the SHT Secretariat, Jl.Medan; Facilitator: M. Idris, Analisa Daily Editor. Topic: ”Stories and the Condition of Cinema Buildings and the Movies in Medan” This activity was covered in Kompas Daily on 10 August, 2009.



  • 19-21 December: at the invitation of the Center for Architecture Documentation (Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur/PDA), participation in surveyor training at Indra Patra Fort in Banda Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam
  • 24 November: “Heritage Goes to Campus” and Site Visit to several historical buildings in the city of Medan, in collaboration with the Historical Studies Section of the Literature Faculty of the University of North Sumatra
  • 22 November: “Heritage Goes to School” in Bodhicitta Junior High School, Jl. Selam No. 39 – 41, Medan, in collaboration with the Literature Faculty of the University of North Sumatra.
  • 25 October: “Heritage Goes to Campus” in the Literature Faculty of the University of North Sumatra, Medan, in collaboration with a Dutch cultural conservation institution, Erfgoed Nederland
  • 21- 23 October: Monthly Symposium with Dr. Nico Vink talking about his book titled “Verbannen Uit Indie (1936 – 1945)”, about the period of his life in the Dutch Indies (Indonesia).
  • 9 August: Collaboration with Adbox Creative House in the making of “Feature Video of Medan in the Past”
  • 11 July: Open Discussion “Archeology as a Method of Complementing the Search for History Trails”, Speaker: Bryns Williams, attended by a group of American university Architecture students



  • September: Photo Exhibition of Past/Old/Traditional Culinary Tourism, in Benteng Square
  • 30 July: Medan Heritage Week 2007, Maimoon Palace Great Hall, which included the granting of Preservation Awards to the following recipients:
    • Commonwealth Bank, Jl. Diponegoro, Medan
    • PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN – State Plantation Company) IV Office, Jl. Soeprapto, Medan
    • Medan Tourism Bureau Office, Jl. Ahmad Yani, Medan

          Facilitator Prof. Dr. Bungaran Antonius Simanjuntak

  • May – June: Photo Exhibition “Celebrating the Cultural Heritage of Nias Island”
    • 24-25 May: University of North Sumatra
    • 26 May - 12 June: Medan State Museum
    • 22-24 June: Sun Plaza
  • 24 March: Monthly Symposium 2 - “National History Tracing and Future Design/Plan”
  • 7 March: International Workshop on Sustainable Urban Regeneration, in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, Garuda Plaza Hotel, Medan
  • 27 January: Monthly Symposium 1 – “Cultural Heritage and Tourism”, Facilitator Dr. Dra. Asmita Surbakti, M. Si



Making Monopoly Games

March: Making Monopoly Games Dispatch of Yayasan Kelola, Indonesian Apprenticeship and Art Grant Programme, represented by Sri Shindi Indira



  • 26 November: Classical Music Concert, St. Elisabeth Hospital Hall, Medan
  • 3-9 July: PanSumNet, Training and Workshop “Capacity building for heritage conservation in Sumatra”, in Bangka and Palembang, represented by Shindi and Nova
  • 29 April: International Workshop on Sustainable Urban Regeneration, a collaboration with the University of Tokyo, at Garuda Plaza Hotel, Medan



Medan Heritage Week

Medan Heritage Week, which included the granting of Preservation Awards to the following recipients:

  • Exelcomindo Building, Jl. Diponegoro, Medan
  • The House of Mr. Haji Ibrahim, Jl. Sei Deli, Medan
  • Haji Maraset Mosque, Jl. Sei Deli, Medan
  • Bank Mandiri, Jl. Balai Kota, Medan
  • Medan Club, Jl. Kartini, Medan
  • Gunung Timur Temple, Jl. Hang Tuah, Medan



Medan Heritage Week

Medan Heritage Week, which included the granting of Preservation Awards to the following recipients:

  • PT London Sumatra, Jl. Ahmad Yani, Medan
  • Perusahaan Jawatan Kereta Api (Railway Company), Jl. Muh. Yamin, Medan
  • Rumah Sakit Umum Santa Elisabeth (Hospital), Jl. Haji Misbah, Medan
  • Research Institute of the Sumatra Planters’ Association (RISPA) Building, Jl. Brigjend Katamso, Medan
  • Malay House, Jl. Pemuda Gg. Mantri, Medan

Documentation, Technical Studies and Conservation Activities

2020 – 2021


Technical Study and Conservation

Technical Study and Conservation of BKS PPS Building, Medan, in collaboration with Indonesia Plantation Museum



  • Technical Study, HKBP Church, Jl. Sudirman, Medan
  • Documentation, Maimoon Palace, Medan in collaboration with North Sumatra Regional Settlement Infrastructure Center ( Balai Prasarana Permukiman Wilayah/PPW) and Center of Architecture Documentation
  • Pansumnet meeting, Indonesia Plantation Museum, Medan, 9 November



Conservation of Lingga Village

Conservation of Lingga Village, Karo, funded by World Monuments Fund (WMF)



Technical Study and Documentation

Nov 2007-2008 Technical Study and Documentation, ex-PTPN IX Building, Jl. Tembakau Deli, Medan



Technical Study

May – Aug, 2007 : Technical Study, City Hall, Medan                                                                                                                                                                    

Resource Persons/Speakers at Seminars/Discussion/Symposiums



Focus Group Discussion on Medan Old Town

Focus Group Discussion on Medan Old Town, by Ministry of Public Works and People’s Settlement (Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum dan Perumahan Rakyat KemenPUPR), 9 March 2021. SHT was represented by Dr. Isnen Fitri.



ANIH Meeting in Taiwan

ANIH Meeting in Taiwan, SHT was represented by Shindi Indira, ST, MSc.



ANIH Exhibition in Taiwan

ANIH Exhibition in Taiwan, “The Sugar Industry of Sei Semayang PTPN 2”, SHT was represented by Rika Susanto and Yulianto



  • IMT-GT International Symposium on Livable Oldtown Tourism, 28 May, SHT was represented by Isnen Fitri and Hairul.
  • Collecting the Commitment of All Parties to Save Historical Sites,” 7 June 2010. Sumatra Heritage Trust, Medan Tourism Board, and the Center of History Studies of the University of Medan (Unimed) were invited to be expert speakers in a program on Medan Insight Radio Talkshow.



  • National Seminar XV of Ikatan Himpunan Mahasiswa Sejarah Se-Indonesia (IKAHIMSI – the Association of Indonesia’s History University Student Groups), 5 April 2010, with key-note speaker Dr. Asmyta Surbakti. Si., Vice-Chair 1 of SHT, 5 April 2010
  • Exhibition: “Panggung Budaya Kaum Pinggiran (Marginal Groups’ Cultural Stage)” at Taman Budaya Medan (Medan Culture Park), 25 May 2010. SHT was invited to organise the exhibition and was represented by members as expert speakers on public concerns with regards to the frequent demolition of historical buildings in Medan



  • 2008“Pan-Sumatra Architecture Olympiad”;  national seminar organized by the Architecture Program of the Institute of Technology Medan (ITM), 10 July 2008. SHT was represented by Soehardi Hartono, M. Sc.

  • “Cultural Discussion on the Potential of Batak Culture in Tourism,” presented by Dr. Asmyta Surbakti, M.Si, 19 July, 2008, organized by the Center of Documentation and Batak Culture Study of the University of HKBP Nommensen

  • “International Globalization, Culture and Tourism,” at North Sumatra University’s Tourism Laboratory. SHT was represented by Rika Susanto, Secretary of SHT.




INTACH Heritage Conference

INTACH Heritage Conference, New Delhi, December 2007. SHT was represented by Rika Susanto and Isnen.